"I wanted to thank the whole team at Kilcoo for the great experience that my son had this summer. He was made to feel right at home even being many thousands of miles away."

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Since 1932, when Kilcoo was founded by Charles F. Plewman, thousands of boys and young men from Canada and around the world have shared a certain magic on the shores of Gull Lake in the Highlands of Haliburton. Kilcoo helps to build self confidence, social responsibility and appreciation of others, but the magic really takes place when the sum of all the experiences and friendships come together to create a most special time and feeling in our campers' lives. So please, browse through our web site, and hopefully you will catch a glimpse of what the magic of Kilcoo Camp is all about.

We believe that the greatest gift you can give your child is the experience of camp.

Grade 5 Speech: Griffin Carruthers

By: Griffin Carruthers, age 11

Honourable judges; students, parents and teachers; I am about to tell you how I made friends for life, fun, but most importantly memories at a place called KILCOO.

Kilcoo is located on the shores of beautiful Gull Lake in Haliburton Ontario and is a boy’s camp which was founded in 1932 and is still going very strong today.

David Latimer better known to all of us a "LUB" is the director of the camp. He is an awesome guy and everyone adores him. He is our "fun maker", he makes sure we are aware of our Manners by always making sure we shake hands while looking into his eyes. But the most important lesson LUB ensures in all of us is to always strive for the best! His job and goal is to make us into MEN... some day!

I want you all to know that Kilcoo is not just good it is GREAT! So get ready, get set because once I tell you all about what a day at Kilcoo is like you will all want to go; well the guys anyway.

Bong... Bong... Bong...

It is wake up time; I wipe the sleep from my eyes and jump out of my bottom bunk. I slept in the bottom bunk and the guy sleeping above me is James; James and I became great friends at Kilcoo and did almost everything together! We hurry and get into our bathing suits because this morning we are going to head to the lake for a "POLAR BEAR" swim; there is nothing like a cold dunk in "GULL LAKE" to get you ready for a perfect day at Kilcoo.

After the swim we rush back to our cabin to get ready for our day... oh no... There is the meal bell, I have to hurry; I don’t want to have to sit at the overflow table. Just to explain; the overflow table is for campers who are late for a meal, instead of getting to sit with your cabin mates you have to sit at the overflow table and it just isn’t as much fun! I did this on my very first day at camp and never did it again! See Kilcoo teaches you how to be on time!

I am a pathfinder and we do almost all of our activities together. Activities at Kilcoo are kind of like rotary at school; you move from one activity to another. All the activities in the morning are scheduled and you get to do awesome things like canoeing; kayaking; mountain biking; arts and crafts.

Time flies when you are having fun and the mornings go so fast... oh boy... the meal bell is ringing. Better hurry so I can sit with my friends... oh awesome it is Chinese food today, my favourite; but the food is always great, you pretty much get all your favourites at Kilcoo! Meal time is great fun... here comes the music; it is starting up and we all get to get up from the tables and dance while the rest of the campers finish their lunch. After our dance though we are expecting to help clean up!

After lunch it is "CABIN CLEAN UP" I am in cabin 6, Zane Mersky, is our counsellor; he is a great guy! We have to hurry and get ready for a cabin inspection; apparently we are clean, but not good enough for the cleanest cabin award; in fact we never did win that! Oh well...

The fun continues, never a dull moment; we get to choose our afternoon activities so we have decided to go rock climbing; then we are going to set off to do some water sports; maybe swimming or perhaps some sailing, then off to a little archery and then a nice friendly soccer or ball hockey game. Kilcoo is equipped with so many great things to do that time just flies by; I can sum it up as magical!

Play play and more play... we are exhausted and head back to our cabins. I must write a letter to Mom and Dad to tell them that this place is awesome and that I am having a blast!

The best part of this day is that it is camp fire night... awesome... hurray, it is scary storey time, and I love it! The first thing we must do is get into our PJ’s; brush our teeth and then head down to the fire by the lake to create some memories.

The day is done; wow another terrific day at Kilcoo!

I spent two fabulous weeks at Kilcoo and I can’t wait to go back this August. As LUB says, Kilcoo campers are part of a special place and it is timeless... it teaches you so many life lessons like how to be a good person... a man... but most importantly it teaches us how to be the best we can be! Remember what I said; Kilcoo is not just good it is GREAT; who would have ever thought that I would have Kilcoo in my blood...

Oh got to go... The Flag is lowering...

Maker of Men; We raise our Anthem to thee; May we be Men; To hold thy honour high; Strive for the Best; And keep this aim before us; Never to Falter; Ever to try; Accept our pledge; Of earnest deep devotion; As sinks the sun; Beneath the Western sky...